UTSC Archives Legacy Collection

Canada's Unions: Looking to the Future, front cover
Program for a Watts Lecture given by Robert (Bob) White, who became a national figure due to his activities as a prominent labor organizer & union leader. He is an officer of the Order of Canada. Program has surface grime.
Edwin "Honest Ed" Mirvish, Watt's Lecture
Portrait of Edwin (Yehuda) "Honest Ed" Mirvish, in front of the Princess Alexandra Theatre in Toronto, Ontario. Mirvish gave a Watts Lecture at Scarborough College on October 4, 1989 entitled "You don't have to know too much about Theatre to make it work" Photograph is yellowing, stained, scratched, has surface residue, and has adhesive residue on the verso.
Large portrait of John Diefenbaker, Watt's Lecture
Large portrait of John Diefenbaker for his Watt's Lecture in 1977. Photograph is yellowing, scratched, dented, and creased.
Stephen (Sholem) Henry Lewis, Watt's Lecturer
Portrait of Stephen (Sholem) Henry Lewis, a Watt's Lecturer in 1985. Photograph is yellowing, stained, and has adhesive residue on the verso.
Watts Lecturer Abdullah Abdullah
Portrait of Abdullah Abdullah, Palestine Liberation Organization ambassador to Greece, who gave a Watts Lecture in 1994 alongside Israeli Ambassador to Canada Itzhak Shelef. Lecture topic: "The Politics of Reconciliation" Photograph is yellowing, creased, dented, and has adhesive residue on the verso.