UTSC Archives Legacy Collection

Margaret Birch, President J. M. Ham, John Ball and Others at Groundbreaking for V.W. Bladen Library
Photo of Margaret Birch MP, UofT President James Milton Ham, Librarian John Ball, and others at the groundbreaking event for the V.W. Bladen Library in 1981. Photograph is yellowing and showing signs of loss from pinholes.
Study Carrels and Stacks in New V.W. Bladen Library
Photo of the study carrels and stacks in the new V.W. Bladen Library in March. 1982. Photograph is yellowing, stained, scratched, and has surface residue.
Principal Foley Looking at V.W. Bladen Library Plans
Principal Joan Foley looking at the future V.W. Bladen Library Plans in 1981. Photograph is yellowing, stained, dented, and has surface residue.