Scarborough Oral Histories Collection

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Abeba Teshale

Adrian de Leon

Discussing two different perspectives on community and belonging at UTSC.

Alex Price

Alexandra Flynn

Professor Alexandra Flynn speaks on her personal experience regarding indigenous communities and on being an indigenous ally.

Amorell Saunders N'Daw

Work and Life in Scarborough UTSC. On her life journey, growing up with less advantages, the relationship between UTSC and the surrounding community

Anthony McWatt

Tony McWatt immigrated to Canada from the Carribbean during the 1980s to attend Scarborough College as an undergraduate student. During his undergraduate career, Tony became a true campus leader; he took on the role of student council president, was very active in student clubs, and was involved in campus building projects that would better facilitate student life (i.e. the student centre). Tony also reflects on his both exciting and painful experiences as an international student.


"The Power of Their Skin"


Audrey Glasbergen


Despite having little exposure to Indigenous culture, Audry talks about her own understanding of Indigenous issues. She also talks about the education curriculum regarding Indigenous issues and culture as a primary school teacher.

Barry Freeman

Prof. Barry Freeman discusses his experience as a student at UTSC in the 1990s. Currently a UTSC faculty member and chair of the Arts, Culture, and Media department, Freeman also reflects about the ways in which his perspective of the campus and higher education has more broadly evolved.

Brandy Jensen

"A Story of Queer White Woman: Feminist & Academic Activism." Story of Feminist Activism

Brian Hamlin

Brian and Stephanie Geddes

Carla Neto

"Immigrant Women"

Catherine Jane Decoito

Charles Smith

On the racial, ethnic and cultural diversity at UTSC and its importance.

Chris Ambidge

Christopher Waddell

Christopher Waddell grew up in Scarborough and attended Scarborough College as an undergraduate during the early 1970s. Studying in the General Arts program, Christopher soon became active in the Student Council and in student publications. During the early 1970s, Christopher and a small group of other students founded the student campus newspaper, The Balcony Square. In addition, by the end of his undergraduate career, he served as Vice-President of the Student Council. Christopher went on to graduate school and a long career in both public service and academia. Christopher reflects on student life and the Scarborough community during the early 1970s.

Confidential Participant 001

Confidential Participant 002

"Mental health awareness"



Daniel Karagianis

Daniel Nebiat

David Onley

Life experiences while attending UTSC.

David Pereira

"Lack of privilege as a Queer person"

Devon and Sandra Muhic

Diane Hill

Learning about the barriers faced by a First Nations student while attending UTSC

Doug and Mary

Eleanor Irwin

Elliot Schwartz

Elliott Schwartz, a graduate of UTSC (1969), discusses the social, academic and administrative culture of the campus.


Evercake J Asalu

Asalu shares her own personal awareness and understanding of indigenous issues as an educator, as well as her knowledge on Indigenous education.

Fatah Awil



As an immigrant, Floro talks about his personal experience on his awareness of Indigenous issues and culture. Regarding his work at a Toronto Public Library, he talks about how his community's library takes initiative to educate others on Indigenous culture and issues.

Frank Prato

Frank Prato talks about his experience living in the Scarborough community and attending Scarborough College.

Gabriela Estrada

Gary Sands

Gary Sands, a graduate of UTSC, reflects upon student life on campus during the 1970s, his time as student council president, and the larger Scarborough community.

Georgette Zinary

Gerald Cupchick

Prof. Gerald Cupchik talks about his experience as a faculty member and as a member of the UTSC community.

Girma Taffesse

Heidi Calder

Heidi Calder is a long-time employee of UTSC. She arrived here 18 years ago and has worked, among others, in the Alumni Office and the Athletics Department. Most recently, Heidi was the Special Advisor for the PanAm Games. A Scarborough native, Heidi shares her perspective about social change in the community and reflects on the often negative media portrayal of this part of Toronto. A discussion of overall safety in Scarborough and at UTSC, the media's portrayal of the city's east end, and how different kinds of diversity have effected safety and security.

Hyacinth Ablack


Iteleta Orr

Jeevan Kempson

Jeff Rybak

Jeff Rybak, a graduate and former student leader of UTSC, disscusses the campus' student and acdemic culture during the early 2000s.



Joe Jagdeo

Dr. Joe Jagdeo talks about his experience as one of the first international students of Scarborough College and as a student of its first graduating class.

John Harper

John M. Kennedy

Professor John M. Kennedy began teaching in the department of Psychology at Scarborough College in the early 1970s. Prof. Kennedy soon took an active role in campus administration and participated in several campus committees. Prof. Kennedy speaks about the changing academic and social climate of the campus over the years, as well as the changing nature of education and research. While Prof. Kennedy may have officially retired in 2010, he continues to research, teach, and supervise graduate students at the university.

Judith Wahl

"A Story of Elder Advocacy: Nothing about Me Without Me." Ms. Wahl discussed her experience with Elder Law and Advocacy, and reflected on her impactful work with the Advocacy Centre for the Elderly, which was the first Elder advoacy center in North America.

Julie Robertson

"Indigenous Knowledge." She worked with the Inuits in Nunavut for her graduate research on the Arctic caribou migration

Karen Aboud

Karen Aboud talks about her experience as an active student, both academically and in her extracurricular activities, from the first graduating class of Scarborough College.

Katheleene Smith

Katheleene Smith, a business officer in the Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences (CMS), reflects upon her career at UTSC since the early 2000s. She talks about her early life, her hiring process, the changes in staff roles and responsibilities over the years, the Scarborough Campus community and its comparison to St. George, and her experience working in the Department of CMS.

Kevin Sealey

Kelvin Sealey moved to Canada to study at Scarborough College in the 1970s, and he shares his experiences at the college and how they influenced his future life and career.

Kevin Wright

Kevin Wright, a long-time theatre production manager in the Leigha Lee Browne Theatre and course instructor in the Arts, Culture, and Media Department since 1995, reflects upon UTSC theatre production and the larger campus. He talks about some of the technological changes experienced on campus, as well as changes around the overall understanding of theatre. He shares insightful knowledge around UTSC's earlier years and its experimentation with the television studio, as well as the history of the Leigha Lee Browne Theatre.
Professor James Allan Cheyne took his first academic appointment in the department of Psychology at Scarborough College in 1969. While only teaching and researching at Scarborough College for a year, the building architecture, the valley land, the TV studio, and experiences with fellow Psychology faculty members marked Prof. Cheyne's experience. Prof. James Allan Cheyne is Professor Emeritus (Psychology) of the University of Waterloo.

Kim McLean

"The Importance and Connection to Built Environments"


Interview with a woman who was formerly a part the senior executive leadership team at utsc, she recounts her work in helping build the pan/am center serving as the chief administrator officer. Additon to this she talks in depth about her experiences being a young mother with a demanding career.

Lauri Sue Robertson

"Activism in Disability awareness"

Len Dalton

Huan Zhao interviews secondary school teacher, Len, regarding his own past experiences on Indigenous issues in education and media representation, such as in government advertisements.

Lenard Whiting

Leon Tsai

"Trans Activism and Youth: UTSC & Beyond" A conversation with a young Trans activist on their journey

Leslie Chan

Prof. Leslie Chan discusses his history at UTSC as undergraduate student, teaching assistant, and later professor.


Black acticism and body positivity

Louisa Julius

Madeleine Callaghan

Callaghan, who works at a Toronto museum, shares her own personal experience with indigenous histories from school curriculum.

Maggie Cummings

Anthropology Professor Cummings talks about UTSC's initiative on Indigenous education, Indigenous representation in media, and her personal experience and past interactions with Indigenous people.

Margaret McPhail

Margaget McPhail talks about her experience as an activist, through her role as a secondary school teacher, union staff of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF/FEESO), and her roles in the International Women's Day Committee and Organized Working Women.

Margaret Thomson Horrighn

Marie Mathai

A discussion of safety concerns and resources offered to students and faculty on campus.

Mary Margaret Zulauf


Meredyth Shofield and Rick

Meredyth and Rick reflect on UTSC and its place within the Scarborough community since the 1970s.

Michael Gervers

Prof. Michael Gervers, a Professor of both History and Art History, speaks about his now forty year experience teaching at UTSC.

Michelle Stinson

On the impact of womens and gender studies as a student and as a community member of scarborough. Also a discussion on the importance to support the womens and gender studies program

Mike DeGagné

Dr. Mike DeGagné was an undergraduate student at Scarborough College during the late 1970s to early 1980s. Living abroad in Kenya with family while applying to university, Mike decided to attend Scarborough College after examining one of the campus pamphlets provided in a Kenya office. Spending his four years in campus residences, Mike speaks on student life, the campus environment, academics, and community. Dr. Mike DeGagné also reflects on indigeneity and the important work he did with indigenous youth counselling after graduating. He is currently the President of Yukon University (2020).

Mike Plumpton

On overall safety in Scarborough and at UTSC, the media, its portrayal of the city, its east end, and how different kinds of diversity have effected safety and security.

Mina Filardo

Mina Filardo disccusses her experience in the arts management program and how its uniqueness brought her to Scarborough Campus.

Mitzie Hunter

Monica Matherson

Nancy Johnston

Nasir Alhuttam

Nehal Elhadi

Pamela de Mendonca

Paul Gooch

Prof. Paul Gooch discusses his experience teaching and chairing the Humanities department at Scarborough College (1967-1985). Prof. Gooch also reflects on the social and academic climate of the campus during its beginnings.

Paul Harpley

Paul Harpley, a graduate of UTSC, reflects upon Scarborough College in the 1970s, and how the college helped to develop his interest and career in natural heritage.

Paula Sperdakos

Professor Paula Sperdakos reflects upon teaching at UTSC and directing productions in the Leigha Lee Browne Theatre. She shares some of her observations during the time she worked at UTSC for 28 years since 1990, such as the physical transformation of the campus, the changes in diversity amongst the campus population, the changes in faculty interactions, and the transformation of departments overtime.

Raagini Appadurai

"Confronting powers, knowledge, and pursuit: Anti-racism and social equity." Discusses anti racism and her work in social equity and pursuit


"UTSC and Community"

Rowena Alfonso

Roxanne Ma

A Discusion on the importance of self-reflexivity and unsettling while challenging outlooks on life during her journey at UTSC


Sarah discuss her personal experiences as a Muslim woman, her activism, her study of Canadian indigenous history, and her practicum experience in Toronto women's and refugee shelters.

Sandford Borins

Professor Sandford Borins was the chair of the UTSC Management department from 1991-2003 (with two years of research leave). After arriving at UTSC, Prof. Borins actively created and built a new Management program. Prof. Borins speaks about the administrative and academic challenges and acheviements of the Management department -- as well as the campus more broadly. After 2003, Prof. Borins continued to teach, research, and publish as a faculty member of the university.

Sharon Laidford

Shauna Benn

Sheila Yates

Shirley Criscione

From the first graduating class of Scarborough College, Shirley shares her student life experiences.

Sitharsana Srithas

UTSC student talks about the university's student initiatives and activities to discuss and advocate for Indigenous issues.

Stefan and Janice

Student Videos Collection

UTSC Is Your University Too
UTSC Beekeeper
UTSC and Community Looking at the the personal experiences of a UTSC alumni's UTSC community experience. Exploring the questions of what could you change? What you learned? And how has it changed you?
Thoughts on Scarborough and the UTSC Community A discussion of safety concerns and resources offered to students and faculty on campus.

Sylvia Mittler

"Language: an Aspect of our Cultural Identity." Interview with faculty about culture and diversity

Tanya Mars

A discussion of Tanya Mars less conventional road to becoming a senior lecturer and program director at utsc

Tavila Haque

Thomas Robles


Toni De Mello

A look into UTSC's diverse campus, issues related to that, and thoughts on diversity and personal development
A look into UTSC's diverse campus, issues related to that, and thoughts on diversity and personal development

Trevor Gordon

Wanda Restivo

On growing up in the Scarborough community and her experience as a student

Wayne Dowler

Wayne Dowler talks about his experience as a history professor at Scarborough College/UTSC from 1974 to 2011, as well as his experiences in other UTSC administrative positions.

Wayne Enright

Prof. Wayne Enright discusses his experience teaching at UTSC and establishing a Computer Science program on campus.


Will Kwan

William Dick

Prof. William Dick discusses his 32 years as a History faculty member at UTSC; his experiences with fellow faculty, the student community, extracurriculur activities and the ways in which the UTSC culture evolved prior to his retirement in 1999.

William Gough

Professor William Gough, a dean and professor in the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences, shares his experiences and memories working at Scarborough College/UTSC since 1993.

William Graham

Professor William Graham was UTSC's first full-time Philosopher. Teaching at the Scarborough Campus while a doctorate student at the University of Toronto, Prof. Graham was offered a position on the faculty once he successfully completed his degree. Prof. Graham was active in several campus committees regarding the development and future of the Scarborough campus. He speaks to the evolving academic and social climate of the campus. Prof. Graham retired in 2000 (now Emeritus status), but continues to research and publish.

Yodi Gerbremedhi

Yvonne Garson

A collection of past videos submitted by students in this course