UTSC Archives Legacy Collection

Moving into the Old Biology Building
The Old Biology Building of St. George Campus being used as the new Scarborough Campus in 1965. Photograph is yellowing and stained.
First administration building for Scarborough and Erindale Campuses, located on St George Campus
Administration Building for both the Erindale & Scarborough campuses, located on St. George Street, c. 1965. Photograph is yellowing, creased, scratched, stained, and shows signs of loss, causing delamination.
Administrative offices for Scarborough & Erindale Colleges
Sign for the administrative offices for Scarborough & Erindale Colleges, located on St George St., c. 1965. Photograph is yellowing, scratched, stained, and has surface residue.
Old Biology Building
Old Biology Building being used as a temporary home for Scarborough College students, c.1965. Photograph is yellowing, torn, and showing signs of loss from pinholes.