The Biology Video Documentary Project Collection

COVID-19 and the Loss of Smell 
This documentary explains how COVID-19 can lead to the loss of smell (anosmia), why some people are more susceptible, and differences in recovery rate.
Face Masks - The New Normal
This video explores the significance of wearing masks as a protective measure against the coronavirus. It emphasizes that masks not only protect individuals from the virus, but also safeguards those around them as well. This video aims to address the controversies surrounding mask usage, highlighting its crucial role in combatting COVID-19 and promoting overall societal health. The effectiveness of surgical masks is compared to that of cloth or fabric masks, exploring their ability to reduce viral transmission. This video bridges the gap between virology and human physiology, explaining how masks act as a physical barrier against viral particles. Masks do this by enhancing and complementing the natural protective abilities of the human immune system, acting as an added layer of defense against viral particles. Ultimately, the video aims to educate viewers on the importance of wearing masks to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and the vital role it plays in order to overcome the pandemic.
Older Bolder: Immune aging and cardiovascular disease 
This video talks about the immune system (adaptive and innate) and how it functions. It discusses how the immune system ages as we grow older and its impacts on cardiovascular health. It ends off by giving recommendations on protecting immune health and preventing the negative impacts of immune aging.
The Science Behind the Pink Ribbon
This video provides a comprehensive overview of breast cancer, emphasizing the significance of relaying scientific information in a simplified manner and promoting awareness to improve early detection.
Kidney transplants 101: A life-saving guide to kidney transplantations and donations 
This video explains the process and importance of kidney transplantations for both the donor and recipient. This video looks at kidney transplantations through a physiological and immunological lens.